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Bit of a whovian
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I'm a girl with an appreciation for art and music. I spend the majority of my time on YouTube and Tumblr. I daydream, think, and worry but I still keep a positive mind and outlook on life. Need someone to talk to? I'm here for you! Feel free to leave me a comment or note! ♥

Have a nice day! :heart:


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Current Residence: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry

Personal Quote: Perfection is something everyone is so determined to reach, but they don't realize you can't seek something that doesn't exist - Damon Fizzy // deefizzy
I was tagged by the lovely KTPanda


1. You must post the rules

2. Each tagged person has to post 5 things about themselves in their journal

3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in your post and create five     new questions for the people you tagged to answer.

4. You have to choose 10 people (#why) to tag and do this by posting their icons on your journal.

5. Go to the people you tagged page and inform them that they have been tagged

6. No tag backs

7. No stuff in the tagging section about "your tagged if your reading this" (angry noise)

5 Things About Myself

1. I love hugs like I hug pretty much all of my friends before they leave/when we are saying goodbye to each other and it always frustrates me when people give me wimpy one-armed/loose/weak hugs cause I'm putting all my heart into it and they're just like "I guess this is cool" LIKE NO HUGS ARE GREAT STOP RUINING IT
2. I take a theater class and I have to play a really crazy woman in my latest scene and it's gonna be draining because I have to switch emotions and yell and also I have to sing at one point and ew, no thank you because I CAN'T SING
3. I get red in the face easily so if I'm embarrassed IT SHOWS AND I HATE THAT 
4. I like someone currently and it's kind of great but it also sucks too at times 

The Questions

1; Do you believe art to be a passion, or a chore?

Okay so I think this could go either way depending on the person because I know that it is clearly possible for art to be a passion and something someone wants to do for the rest of their life but at the same time I knew certain people in my art class last school year who never looked like they were enjoying it and were always distracted and talking during class instead of painting/drawing and would complain about having to do it too so CLEARLY it can go either way, it just varies.

2; What's your favorite holiday?

I love both Halloween and Christmas. Halloween because FREE CANDY, dressing up as something you aren't (you get one free day to wear basically whatever the heck you want HOW GREAT IS THAT?), and crazy nights spent with friends. BUT I love, love, love Christmas because of the music, movies, overall atmosphere, decorations, gift giving aspect, all the peppermint and gingerbread themed food you find omg and JUST THERE'S SO MUCH LOVE AND GOOD STUFF ABOUT THIS HOLIDAY

So I'll probably just end it with Christmas as my final answer. 

3; Do think that dreams actually symbolize something?

Sometimes, yes! There are times where you'll get random dreams that make no sense and are kind of there just because of whatever weird mushed up thoughts you had that day, but then there are other times where you'll dream something and you'll wake up with it lingering in your mind and you'll just keep pondering it and questioning it and analyzing it. I feel like those dreams are the ones that have significance. 

4; What was the last game you played? If you don't play games, last movie?

Yeah, not a real hardcore gamer so I'll take the movies option instead. Uhm... I actually think it was Big Fat Liar? I put it on because I remembered it from years ago when I was a kid and I was like OH YEAH THAT MOVIE and I wanted to see how stupid/unrealistic it was and to answer anyone's possible question, it was indeed a film that lacked a lot of logic and I mean, the fact that all of their adventures and shenanigans happened in what? Two to three days? AND THEY RESOLVED IT THAT QUICKLY??? LIKE UH NO THAT CAN'T BE POSSIBLE IN REAL LIFE???

If you don't know this movie then I'm sure I sound weird as heck but trust me, sometimes I enjoy watching stuff from my childhood DO NOT JUDGE ME YOU'VE DONE IT TOO AT ONE POINT 

5; Are you having a good day? c:

WELL I MEAN KIND OF obviously there were some meh points and I'm stressing like crazy over certain things but other than that, yeah, it was pretty nice. We continued watching this movie in English class called Girl, Interrupted and wow, it's really, really good so far like I'm enjoying it a lot. But I feel like I'm one of the few people who's actually absorbed in it because I'll look around and most of my classmates kind of look bored or writing in their notebook instead and it's like whAT ARE YOU DOING WATCH THIS FANTASTIC MOVIE

Also, some of them got confused at parts that actually weren't all that confusing if they paid attention to the dialogue and what not... not to mention they will laugh at certain parts regarding mental problems or even suicide and it's like ???? Idk man, I just get annoyed with my class sometimes ugh

BUT I MEAN I RECOMMEND IT SINCE SO FAR I'M LOVING IT A HECKA LOT But I do think it could be triggering to some people since it does, after all, deal with people in a mental institution and the topic of suicide is mentioned at times so I mean, just a warning because I don't want someone to be accidentally triggered, ya know? Looking out for you guys ~ But tell me if you did watch it and what you thought! (No spoilers though! Didn't finish the entire thing!)

Oh yeah and then I got to walk home with one of my best friends and my crush and my friend left to take a bus at one point so it was just me and my crush and we talked a bit and before we departed ways (since we live on different streets) he was like "Peace" but then before turning away, he stopped and walked back over to me and was like "Oh right" and gave me a hug. Pretty sure it was because I made a comment to him the other day on how I never really leave people without giving them hugs beforehand and the FACT THAT HE REMEMBERED AND DID IT WHEN HE COULD HAVE EASILY "FORGOT" IS SO GREAT TO ME LIKE WOW IT'S SO STUPID BUT YEAH I'M HAPPY ABOUT THAT

Kay, this is getting ridiculously long, I'll stop now.

And no tagging or new questions for today sorry, got drained from writing all of that wow 


Tags & Questions,
  • Mood: Distracted


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